PESSTO Special data release - nebular spectra of superluminous supernovae

The paper by Anders Jerkstrand et al. LONG-DURATION SUPERLUMINOUS SUPERNOVAE AT LATE TIMES, (Jerkstrand A. et al. The Astrophysical Journal, Volume 835, Issue 1, article id. 13, 23 pp. 2017), contains spectra from ESO (VLT + FORS2, VLT + Xshooter, NTT + EFOSC2) for three superluminous supernovae at late times. LSQ14an and SN2015bn/PS15ae were PESSTO follow-up targets.

Figure 7 of Jerkstrand et al. (2017):

There are various corrections applied to the spectra to scale them to photometry and to subtract off the host galaxy contributions. The paper includes photometry corrected and host galaxy subtracted spectra of SN2007bi using new photometry of the host that was not available at the time of the original publication in Gal-Yam et al. (2009, Natur.,
462, 624)

The scaling and corrections are described in the paper. Here we release the various spectra, including our calculated host galaxy spectra, and a detailed README file to describe each of the data products available.


When using these data, please cite the Jerkstrand et al. paper, and also (if using 2007bi data) the Gal-Yam et al. (2009) paper as the original data source.

The data are also available through WISeREP.